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This Week in Cardiology

Jul 30, 2021

Two studies on alcohol and AF incidence and an important paper on stable CAD are the topics John Mandrola discusses in this week’s podcast.

1 - COVID-19

New Vaccinations Increasing in COVID Hot Spots

2 - Alcohol

- Moderate Drinking Protective After MI, Stroke in 'Flawed' Study

- Risk Thresholds for Total and Beverage-Specific Alcohol Consumption and Incident Atrial Fibrillation

- Can a Drink a Day Keep the Electrophysiologist Away?

- Association of alcohol consumption with morbidity and mortality in patients with cardiovascular disease: original data and meta-analysis of 48,423 men and women

3 - Coronary Artery Disease

- CLARIFY Confirms Meds, Watchful Waiting in Angina, Stable CAD

- International Observational Analysis of Evolution and Outcomes of Chronic Stable Angina: The Multinational Observational CLARIFY Study

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