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This Week in Cardiology

Sep 8, 2023

ESC Recap Part 2: ECLS-SHOCK, FIRE, MULTISTARS-AMI, HEART FID, and DANPACE II are the trials John Mandrola, MD, discusses in this week’s podcast.

This podcast is intended for healthcare professionals only.

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I. Cardiogenic Shock

ECMO for Shock in Acute MI Won't Help, May Harm: ECLS-SHOCK

-   ECLS-SHOCK trial

-   ECMO-CS trial


FIRE a Win for Physiology-Guided MI Complete Revascularization in Older Patients

-   FIRE Trial

-   COMPLETE Trial

III. Immediate vs Staged Revascularization

Parity for Prompt vs Staged STEMI Complete Revascularization: MULTISTARS-AMI


-   Complete Revascularization Now Compulsory? MULTISTARS-AMI and FIRE in Context

IV. Iron-Supplementation in Heart Failure

IV Iron Shows Only Modest Benefit in HF: HEART-FID


-   EHJ meta-analysis of Iron Supplementation

V. AF Prevention with Pacing

Minimizing Atrial Pacing No Benefit in Sinus Node Disease: DANPACE II


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