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This Week in Cardiology

Dec 23, 2022

The top ten stories of the year plus a few honorary mentions. This podcast is intended for healthcare professionals only. To read a partial transcript or to comment, visit:

I Annual Wrap Ups on Medscape

- Mandrola’s Top 10 Cardiology Stories of 2022

- 2022 in Review Through a Cardiology Lens

- Top Cardiology Trials of 2022


- Percutaneous Revascularization for Ischemic Left Ventricular Dysfunction

- PCI Fails in Stable Disease Again: REVIVED-BCIS

- PCI Fails to Beat OMT in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy: REVIVED-BCIS2


- Haemodynamic-guided management of heart failure (GUIDE-HF): a randomised controlled trial

- CardioMEMS Remote HF Monitoring: Resist the Spin and FOMO

- GUIDE-HF: CardioMEMS-Guided Meds Fall Short in Mild to Moderate Heart Failure


- Effect of MRI-Guided Fibrosis Ablation vs Conventional Catheter Ablation on Atrial Arrhythmia Recurrence in Patients With Persistent Atrial Fibrillation The DECAAF II Randomized Clinical Trial

- DECAAF II: AF, Fibrosis Ablation Technique Falls Short, but Signs of Hope


- Five-Year Outcomes of the Danish Cardiovascular Screening (DANCAVAS) Trial

- DANCAVAS Misses Primary Endpoint but Hints at Benefit from Comprehensive CV Screening

- Judicious CVD Screening May Work in Men: DANCAVAS

- DANCAVAS: Might Cardiovascular Screening Extend Men's Lives?


- Reduction of dietary sodium to less than 100 mmol in heart failure (SODIUM-HF): an international, open-label, randomised, controlled trial

- Low-Sodium Diet Did Not Cut Clinical Events in Heart Failure Trial

- Sodium Restriction in Heart Failure: Another Dogma Felled by Randomization

- SODIUM-HF Simplifies Message to Patients on Diet


- Safety, tolerability and efficacy of up-titration of guideline-directed medical therapies for acute heart failure (STRONG-HF): a multinational, open-label, randomised, trial

- Rapidly, Fully Optimize HF Meds After Hospital Discharge: STRONG-HF

- STRONG HF: More Beats Less After Discharge for Heart Failure

VIII Health Insurance Access

- Health Care Access and Management of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Working-Age Adults With Low Income by State Medicaid Expansion Status

- Medicaid Expansion: Good First Step, but No Panacea for CV Care

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