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This Week in Cardiology

Jan 19, 2024

Listener feedback on antiplatelet therapy after PCI, bempedoic acid, off-Label PFO Closure, and palliative care are the topics John Mandrola, MD, discusses in this week's podcast.

This podcast is intended for healthcare professionals only.

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I. Listener Feedback on Antiplatelet Therapy After PCI

Long-term Clopidogrel Has Advantages After Coronary Stenting

  • Host Exam Study;  Extended FU of Host-Exam

II. Bempedoic Acid

This Week in Cardiology July 7, 2023

  • NEJM: Bempedoic Acid and CV Outcomes
  • JAMA: Primary Prevention Analysis
  • JAMA-Cardiology: Total Events Analysis

III. Off-Label PFO Closure

  • Circulation Outcomes Paper

IV. Palliative Care

  • JAMA: Palliative Care Consultation

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