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This Week in Cardiology

Jun 18, 2021

COVID vaccine myocarditis, Christian Eriksen and sudden cardiac death, therapeutic hypothermia, and revascularization of stable CAD are the topics John Mandrola, MD, discusses in this week’s podcast.

1- COVID-Vaccine-Myocarditis

AHA: Don't Delay COVID Shot While CDC Reviews Myocarditis Cases

Myocarditis after BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 Vaccination

2- Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen: un survivant qui doit nous inspirer

Danish Soccer Player Suffered Cardiac Arrest During Euro Match

Point/Counterpoint on Halting Implantation of the Subcutaneous ICD

3- Therapeutic Hypothermia

Trial Supports Therapeutic Hypothermia in Nonshockable Cardiac Arrest

Hypothermia versus Normothermia after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

PulmCrit – A history of hypothermia for cardiac arrest, 2002-2021 (RIP)

4 - Revascularization of Stable CAD

Meta-analysis Muses Over ISCHEMIA Message Had Trial Lasted Longer

Cardiac mortality in patients randomised to elective coronary revascularisation plus medical therapy or medical therapy alone: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Impact of revascularisation on outcomes in chronic coronary syndromes: a new meta-analysis with the same old biases?

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