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This Week in Cardiology

May 6, 2022

HRS meeting presentations: conduction system pacing, AF in the ED, a possible new treatment for vagal bradycardia, and women in EP are the topics John Mandrola, MD, discusses in this week’s podcast.

This podcast is intended for healthcare professionals only.

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I – HRS Comments

II – Conduction System Pacing

Conduction System Disease Recast as Preventive Therapy Target

Rescue Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing in Coronary Venous Lead Failure or Non-response to Biventricular Pacing: Results From International LBBAP Collaborative Study Group

Clinical Outcomes Of Conduction System Pacing Compared To Biventricular Pacing In Patients Requiring Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

III – Emergency Triage of AF

Early Arrhythmia-Specialist Consult, Ordered in the ER, a Boon to AF Outcomes: ER2EP Study Reference

George Bernard Shaw Reference:

IV – Cardioneural Ablation

Can Ablation Abolish Vasovagal Syncope? Early Series Promising

V – Women in EP

Why Are Numbers of Women, Minorities So Low in Cardiac EP?

Temporal and geographical trends in women operators of electrophysiology procedures in the United States

Quantification of Female and Underrepresented Minority Applicants to Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship

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