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This Week in Cardiology

Nov 4, 2022

AF conversion in the ED, HRT, a shining example of evidence-based medicine and less-is-more, multimorbidity, and what’s coming at AHA are the topics John Mandrola, MD, covers in this week’s podcast. This podcast is intended for healthcare professionals only. To read a partial transcript or to comment, visit:

I. AF Conversion

- IV Potassium and Magnesium an Acute Treatment for AF?

- Association of Intravenous Potassium and Magnesium Administration With Spontaneous Conversion of Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter in the Emergency Department


- USPSTF Doesn't Change Postmenopausal Hormone Recommendations

- Hormone Therapy To Prevent Disease and Prolong Life in Postmenopausal Women

- Risks and Benefits of Estrogen Plus Progestin in Healthy Postmenopausal WomenPrincipal Results From the Women's Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Trial

- Hormone Therapy for the Primary Prevention of Chronic Conditions in Postmenopausal PersonsUS Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement

- Menopausal Hormone Therapy for Prevention of Chronic Conditions

III. BP Targets After Stroke Intervention

- Intensive BP Lowering Harmful in Acute Ischemic Stroke: ENCHANTED2/MT

- Intensive blood pressure control after endovascular thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke (ENCHANTED2/MT): a multicentre, open-label, blinded-endpoint, randomised controlled trial

IV. Multimorbidity

- ACC Issues Guidance on Integrating ASCVD and Multimorbidity Care

- 2022 ACC Expert Consensus Decision Pathway for Integrating Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease and Multimorbidity Treatment: A Framework for Pragmatic, Patient-Centered Care: A Report of the American College of Cardiology Solution Set Oversight Committee

V. AHA Preview

- AHA 2022 to Recapture In-Person Vibe but Preserve Global Reach

- Mandrola's Top 5 Picks From AHA 2022 Previewed

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