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This Week in Cardiology

Feb 18, 2022

Spinal cord stimulation to prevent post-cardiac surgery AF, statin intolerance, heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, and Vitamin D are discussed by John Mandrola, MD, in this week’s podcast.

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I Post-Cardiac Surgery AF

Spinal Cord Stimulation May Cut AF After Cardiac Surgery

• Autonomic Neuromodulation for Atrial Fibrillation Following Cardiac Surgery: JACC Review Topic of the Week

• Temporary Spinal Cord Stimulation to Prevent Postcardiac Surgery Atrial Fibrillation: 30-Day Safety and Efficacy Outcomes

II – Statin Intolerance

Statin Intolerance 'Overestimated and Overdiagnosed'

• Prevalence of statin intolerance: a meta-analysis


Risk in Preserved-EF HF Varies With Normal vs High Natriuretic Peptides

• Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in patients with normal natriuretic peptide levels is associated with increased morbidity and mortality

• Universal definition and classification of heart failure: a report of the Heart Failure Society of America, Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology, Japanese Heart Failure Society and Writing Committee of the Universal Definition of Heart Failure: Endorsed by the Canadian Heart Failure Society, Heart Failure Association of India, Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, and Chinese Heart Failure Association


Why Is Vitamin D Hype So Impervious to Evidence?

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