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This Week in Cardiology

Jun 10, 2022

More ISCHEMIA controversy, health Insurance and CV outcomes, testosterone, and flawed observational studies are the topics discussed by John Mandrola, MD in this week’s podcast. This podcast is intended for healthcare professionals only. To read a partial transcript or to comment, visit:

I – More Ischemia Controversy

- Data Concerns Mount Despite ISCHEMIA Substudy Correction

- ISCHEMIA Substudy Data Just Don't Add Up, Cardiac Surgeons Say

- Initial Invasive or Conservative Strategy for Stable Coronary Disease

- Outcomes in the ISCHEMIA Trial Based on Coronary Artery Disease and Ischemia Severity

- Link to Bakaeen and Sabik Second letter (agree to terms to download the letter):

II – Health Insurance and CV outcomes

- Medicaid Expansion: Good First Step, but No Panacea for CV Care

- Health Care Access and Management of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Working-Age Adults With Low Income by State Medicaid Expansion Status

- Rand Link

- The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment

- Effect of Health Insurance in India: A Randomized Controlled Trial

III – Testosterone

- Jury Still Out on Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone

- Adverse cardiovascular events and mortality in men during testosterone treatment: an individual patient and aggregate data meta-analysis

- Adverse events associated with testosterone administration.

IV – Voting and Mortality

- Blue Counties Enjoy Dramatic Mortality Edge

- Political environment and mortality rates in the United States, 2001-19: population based cross sectional analysis

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