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This Week in Cardiology

Nov 11, 2022

AHA 2022 Part 1: ISCHEMIA-EXTEND, STRONG-HF, chlorthalidone vs HCTZ, experts vs practitioners; torsemide vs furosemide; and TG lowering are discussed by John Mandrola, MD, in this week’s podcast.

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I. AHA Meta-comments


- ISCHEMIA-EXTEND: Conservative Stable CAD Management Holds Up

- Survival After Invasive or Conservative Management of Stable Coronary Disease


- Rapidly, Fully Optimize HF Meds After Hospital Discharge: STRONG-HF

- STRONG HF: More Beats Less After Discharge for Heart Failure

- Safety, tolerability and efficacy of up-titration of guideline-directed medical therapies for acute heart failure (STRONG-HF): a multinational, open-label, randomised, trial


- Diuretic Agents Equal to Prevent CV Events in Hypertension: DCP

- HCTZ vs Chlorthalidone -- A Win for Practicing Doctors and Science


- No Survival Advantage for Either Torsemide or Furosemide in HF: TRANSFORM-HF


- Triglyceride Lowering Fails to Show CV Benefit in Large Fibrate Trial

- Triglyceride Lowering with Pemafibrate to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

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